Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is the Appeal of Hand-Painted Furniture?

When you browse through the Elegant Finds for Your Home inventory, you will find that one of our greatest features is that many of our pieces are hand-painted. So what is it about this type of furniture that leaps out and catches the attention of people like yourself? Well if we had to guess, we’d say it had a little something to do with the character these pieces add to a room.

Hand-painted furniture not only brings a certain uniqueness to any room, but it gives the owner a sense that this one piece was custom designed to fit their energy and personality. So many homes are filled with the same plain-looking furniture, and while that is all well and good, there’s nothing special about it.

To invest in a piece of hand-painted furniture doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your classic sense of style though. Many pieces (especially in our collection) are highlighted with simple touches that accent even the most elegant of homes – such as the oval drop leaf table with a beautifully hand-painted border. However, if you are seeking a piece that makes a bold statement, we’ve got plenty of those as well – this colorful three drawer chest is one of our favorites!

No matter your own personal style, even the simplest of hand-painted furniture works to enhance the aesthetics of a home. Due to the fact that it isn’t just another plain piece, all eyes will instantly be drawn to it, whether it’s a grand dining table or a small corner table, that little pop of individuality will bring any room to life!