Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be Better than the Earthquake Table

Right around the time that we start to feel the holiday season creep around the corner is about the time we should start thinking about our home furniture. Now that might sound a little confusing but think about it – if you’re the one who is constantly being elected to host each season’s big event, you should really consider filling your home with furniture that you can be proud of.

With the Thanksgiving feast coming up and Christmas dinner with the family following quickly in its wake, stop and ask yourself what your guests will be dining on this year. Are you planning to pull the fold-up, plastic tables out of storage like last year and the year before that? We thought so. Take it from someone who has spent many a holiday meal at one of those tables, it’s no fun.

With wobbly, unstable legs for support, whenever someone cuts into their turkey, everyone else is subjected to a momentary earthquake. Be better than the earthquake table. Choose something with a little more support this year – and much more style!

Elegant Finds for Your Home carries a wonderful selection of dining tables, such as those that you’ll find in the Zentique collection. Check out the Leeds Dining Table, made with an oak and elm finish and shipped over from India. With a length of ninety-eight inches, this piece would be perfect for a big holiday dinner with family and friends! Then pick up something like Zentique’s Huston Table for a more stylish twist on your classic kids’ table. They’ll be thrilled to sit at a table that is just as fancy as the “grown up table” instead of that earthquake table again!

You’ve already been chosen to host this year’s events so why not accept the challenge with style and grace? Order a beautiful vintage inspired dining room table for the holidays!