Monday, February 22, 2010

Leading off with our Newest Line of Furniture - Sterling Industries

Welcome to our newest line which has some fun hand painted pieces shown here.  The greatest thing about the Sterling Industries line is that the furniture pieces ships out in approximately 5 to 7 days.

Introducing Elegant Finds for Your Home

Welcome to Elegant Finds for Your Home. I have worked in the Interior Design field for over twenty five years and now have started selling several lines of exquisite hand crafted, hand painted and hand distressed furniture. Some of our furniture is made within the United States, but most is custom made in our Indonesia, Argentina, Peru, Chili and Italy facilities. We ship directly to your home or office. I will be showing you pieces from all of my unique lines which are GuildMaster - Decorize ,     European Grandeur,   Sterling IndustriesZentiqueBradshaw Kirchofer and Newport Cottages I will be adding more beautiful lines as I continue down this new avenue. Check out our website at .

So come along with me and see some beautiful furniture. Hope you can share your views and questions with me.