Saturday, September 29, 2012

Indulgent or Indispendable

A dressing table adds a touch of romance and glamor to any woman’s bedroom. These pieces of furniture are coming back into fashion as women seek more elegance in their lives. Akiko Busch, in her book "Geography of Home" refers to a dressing table as "a place to indulge one's fancies and compose one's soul."   Dressing tables originated in 18th century France. They were called ‘toilette’ or ‘toilet tables’ because women used to wrap their cosmetic items in a small, square linen cloth (the toilette) before they put them in a chest.

Décor de Provence: More Inspiration from Provence!

Décor de Provence: More Inspiration from Provence!: One of my favorite weekly activities is hanging with my aunt Christie while our kids swim at the pool.  While trying to keep a close eye on ...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Castles Crowns and Cottages: Hallelujah

Castles Crowns and Cottages: Hallelujah: To S. K.   You sit alone via  when you read of  life-lessons,  whose impact is not found in  the final chapter but rather w...

Europeon Country Twist

  "Europeon  Country Twist" ----- When I first saw the work of Leslie Sinclair, owner of Segreto Finishes, I was mesmerized by her plaster fin...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Willow Decor: Thibaut’s Furniture Launch at High Point & Giveawa...

Willow Decor: Thibaut’s Furniture Launch at High Point & Giveawa...: One of the most exciting new product launches at Market in High Point was the new furniture line by fabric and wallpaper company, Thibaut...

Willow Decor: Re-working My Home– From Conservatory to Library

Willow Decor: Re-working My Home– From Conservatory to Library: You have all followed the décor of my Conservatory. My wonderful framed intaglios, (Dave hanging them just right), my crystal and mercury gl...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bradshaw Kirchofer Cottage Furniture

Bradshaw Kirchofer Home Furnishings is a manufacturer of painted cottage style furnishings. The collection of furniture is designed to look as though it has been around for years. Distressed, worn, antiqued. Bradshaw only uses solid wood,... from the bottom of every drawer, to the back slats on all pieces. No veneers, particleboard, fiberboard (MDF), or plywood is ever used. Never. While new, all pieces have a warm, rich, weathered feel, reflecting usage over time. All of the furnishings are hand painted, hand distressed and hand finished. The standard finishes include a wide variety of natural stained, and painted finishes.

Made by hand in the U.S.A. with solid wood and lead free paints. Furniture requires no assembly.

Customized to achieve the look you desire, mixing & matching paint finishes, knob details and extras to create the perfect piece for your home.

Friday, September 14, 2012

French Country Swedish Furniture

An organic new trend… Wood furniture that’s without a stitch of paint or stain, and barely a lick of wax or sealer! This look is popping up in every category from the most classic French traditional styles, to ultra modern and everything in between. The trend goes hand in hand with the green movement, and is an ex-pression of a reverence for the beauty of the natural world.

Zentique is French Country European styling with a rustic edge. Zentique uses washed out woods, recycled metals, and unique creative designs. Zentique is innovative with their furniture and home decor creating both comfortable lived in and industrial, modern and traditional looks. French Country Swedish in nature with rich, coastal textures, the company offers super classic pieces with antique finishes and unexpected materials.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Little Bit of Character

The great part about decorating your home is the freedom you have to add a little bit of your own personality to the décor. If you’re one of those people that has an elegant sense of taste but also likes to add a little bit of fun and uniqueness to the mix, then our Whimsical Affairs line is for you.

Each sample for this line from Elegant Finds for Your Home is a beautiful piece of Hand Painted Furniture, created through the use of many different painting techniques. With an array of colors, patterns, designs and more, no two pieces of furniture from the Whimsical Affairs line is exactly alike. Feel free to browse through our inventory and find the chest or table that speaks to you!

Though each one of these pieces is beautiful, we were at Elegant Finds for Your Home would advise against decorating an entire room with this particular type of furniture. One single piece of Whimsical Hand Painted Furniture is a fantastic way to infuse color and character into a room. We assure you that that this one chosen piece will be enough to pull the room together the way you had envisioned and will act as a great conversation piece for any room you choose to work within! So take a look and place your order today!